Listener responses

Examples of some your feedback - it makes all the difference!
"I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your podcast! I’m listening to it when I need reassurance that I’m not alone in wanting academia to be different. Your thoughts and the interviews have been doing a lot in making me think more deeply about how I might use my privileges and can work with policies more consciously, whilst also identifying toxic moments (and structures) around things like achievements, excellence, building a CV, doing service etc. Including the always-disciplining self-talk - It’s important to hear an academic role model like yourself speak so openly about this, because it’s important to know that this is probably going to be a constant battle in my life as well. Again, thank you so much for this gift, also on behalf of my colleagues I have been sharing your podcast with." [SH] Oct 2023
“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your podcast! I’m listening to it when I need reassurance that I’m not alone in wanting academia to be different.” [SH] Oct 2023
“I just finished listening to the second episode of your podcast with Geraldine and just wanted to tell you that I found it very inspiring and let me to reflect on my own work practices.” [AF] May 2023 on Marta Cecchinato’s episodes
“Just wanted to ping you both to say how inspiring your podcast was!” [JM] April 2023 on Aisling O’Kane’s episodes
“Such wonderful conversation, I love all of it, specially it opened many levels on how to be comfortable of knowing your space and interestingly "Becoming comfortable of being a professional not know-er." [Dilrukshi Gamage] LinkedIn comment on Elizabeth Churchill’s episode
“I’ve recently started as an assistant professor at the University of XX, and have been looking all around for advice and came across your podcast- I’ve really been enjoying listening to it. I especially appreciate that you and your guests have a perspective that includes life outside work- and how it often informs or complements the work one does!“ [AL]
“I found that we are often biased to hearing more from people who either sacrificed work-life balance or somehow pulled off both being at a top university and living normal life, so I appreciated that in the podcast some researchers acknowledge the tradeoffs and talk about making different choices to be able to achieve other life goals.” [OA]
“During our school meeting, two staff members came to me to say thanks and tell me that they like the Changing Academic Life website. One (a lecturer) said "it is good to learn from others", the other (A/Prof and director for Engineering teaching and learning) said "it is good to know that they are facing similar issues as we have”.” [YZ]
“I just wanted to say thanks for starting this podcast series. It's just what I need right now, and I'm sure many other early career academics will find it a lifeline when it all feels like too much of an uphill struggle!” [KH]
“They are great podcasts and very informative, both for us ‘grey hairs’ who find it interesting to hear other people’s perspectives, and even more so for the new folks.” [SG - emeritus professor]